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#366: A life lived - "Depressionism" 2014 tape (Mask of the Slave release) SWE (5,-)

#366: A life lived - "Escapism" 2014 tape (Mask of the Slave release) SWE (5,-)

2:13PM+MOTHERFUCKING+LA SIXIEME FAUTE - Collaboration LP 2011 (Ambient, Noise, Field Recording, 315 copies. Grey vinyl. A4 insert) FRA (15,-)  

2:13PM - Matkormano LP 2017 (This record comes with a free download of the movie Matkormano created and directed by Fabien Rennet and Julien Louvet. Vinyl, LP, white with grey and black swirls, Experimental, Drone, Ambient soundtrack) FRA (15,-)

A CASA - Escaleras Abajo de Los Arbelos LP 2015 (1st volume of the "Synesthetic Alchemy" serie, curated by 213 Records. Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert. Experimental, Krautrock, Shoegaze, Avantgarde, field recording) ARG (15,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - No way out DIGI CD 2008 (pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements, dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts, in vein of Joy Division, the Fall, New Model Army, etc) NED (12,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Trilogy 2xCD 2007 (this 2CD-set containing the three 10" EP's digitally remastered on CD1 and on CD2 the Steinklang EP 'Am ende des Tages...' as well as 5 unreleased tracks and 4 remixes, Martial Industrial, Ambient, Neofolk) NED (16,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Monuments 2007 (Re-issue of the LP 2004, remastered, including the songs of the lim.150 bonus 7" and 3 unreleased songs) NED (12,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Taken by the Flames digiCD 2014 (A collection of rare & un-released material of A Challenge Of Honour recorded between 2008 and 2012, Ambient, Neo-Classical, Neofolk) AT (12,-)

ALEXEI BORISOV and HEC - Live In Paris CD-R 2008 (Experimental Noise, ltd. to 200 copies in special pack) RUS/FRA (5,-)

ALLERSEELEN - Edelweiss DIGI CD 2005 (a selection of the best ALLERSEELEN songs, many of them for the first time on CD. also some unreleased Industrial-Folk hymns, Industrial, Neofolk, apocalyptic folk) AT (12,-)

ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH / DER BLUTHARSCH - TRIBUTO A DER BLUTHARSCH split CD 2005/2011 (A Black Metal tribute to Der Blutharsch) ITA/NED/AT (12,-)

ANDY ORTMANN / JOHN WIESE - Recorder Out of Tune 2006 (Noise, Experimental collaboration by Panicsville members, Ortmann own Nihilist Records, Wiese is known from Bastard Noise and great collaboration albums with Pain Jerk, Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Wolf Eyes, Lasse Marhaug, etc and dozen of solo works) USA (12,-)

ANENZEPHALIA - Ephemeral Dawn digiCD 2007 (2nd edition released in Digipak with 12-page booklet) GER (12,-)

ANENZEPHALIA - Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008) CD 2014 (Packaging: inner card sleeve in a digisleeve) GER (12,-)

ARC - Arkchangelsk 2008 (Tribal guitar drone with post-rock elements, Canada. Digisleeve CD, ltd. edition 600 copies, Epidemie Records) CAN (12,-)

APART - Across The Empty Night 2008 (Folk, World, & Country, Acoustic, Pop Rock, Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

ATARAXIA - Lost Atlantis 2010 digi (After 11 years from its first press, available again, in a new digipack edition, digitally mastered, of one of the most appreciated albums of ATARAXIA!) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - Suenos 2001/2012 (neo classical, orchestral for 4 voices and Mediterranean dreamy ambiances. remastered with bonus tracks) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - The Moon Sang On The April Chair Digi 2013 (digitally remastered version of this legendary neoclassical, neofolk album from 1995) ITA (10,-)

AUTOPSIA – Metal 2015 digiCD (Autopsia’s quintessence of the last decades. Timeless industrial/experimental classics. 200 CD edition in a 4 panel matte laminated Digipak) ITA (12,-)

AVARUS - Ruskeatimantti 2xCD 2005 (a collection of rare out of print material from this legendary Finnish free-folk collective. stumbling, tribal, trippy and ritualistic) FIN (15,-)

BEHERIT - Electric Doom Synthesis 1996/2016 (KVLT reissue of this classic album) FIN (10,-)

BEHERIT - H418ov21.C 1994/2016 (KVLT reissue of this classic album) FIN (10,-)

BIS KAIDAN - 2 LP 2015 (LP, 500 copies, one sided laser-etched black wax, 180 gr, HIJOKAIDAN and BiS members, On this second offering, they deliver 7 brand new renditions of their now typical idol-noise music with a fierce and destructive energy) JAP (16,-)

BISCLAVERET - Psyche NoMine 2007 (Polish dark ambient/dark wave, Electronic, Industrial) POL (10,-)

BITTER - Make a wish 7" EP + CD-R 2008 Harsh old school power electronics, projekt of Arjan Peeks, lim. to 520 copies) NED (5,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - "Yes, Sir (Filth Play)" 2009 CD (12 EURO)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - The Defining Love (Top/Bottom Exchange) 2010 CD (the new album comes in a beautiful 7"inch size cover, 300 copies) USA (12,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - Skuff 2008 (legendary power electronics, noise. US Harsh Noise Heroes!) USA (10,-)

BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY - Hieros-Gamos Digi CD 2008 (true ritualistic music, the new album, Autumn Wind Prod.) USA (12,-)

BLEIBURG - Way Of Crosses 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Electronics/Neo-folk) GER (10,-)

BLOOD AXIS – Born Again 2 x 12" LP 2011 (3-panel gatefold sleeve with 12-paged 12" booklet. Limited edition of 700 copies on black vinyl) USA (27,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Three Strikes And You Are Out CD 2011 (Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) POL (10,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - From Past... 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave release) POL (5,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Confrontation 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) POL (5,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Denial CD 2016 (Mask of the Slave release) POL (10,-)

BREAKING THE WILL - Choosing Death digiCD 2015 (from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise) USA (11,-)

CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS / ZINC ROOM - Lie, Illusions, Mystifications / Zinc 99,99 2007 CD (Modern Classical, Industrial, Noise, Darkwave) RUS (10,-)

CATHY HEYDEN - Badlands LP 2017 (Jazz, Free Improvisation, Cathy Heyden is a French self-taught saxophonist, free improviser, and music educator) FRA (15,-)

Chaos Research - "Revelations" 2006 CD (10 EURO)
Chaos Research is the new solo project of Marko (Gravehill) M. Hautam'ki, also known from such bands as Majesty (THE doom metal act from Finland), Two Witches (THE gothic rock act from Finland/Germany), SinMasters (multi-national fetish dance-metal), ex-Shade Factory (finnish ebm-band) and Gravehill Paris Witch (experimental dark ambient from Germany/Finland/USA). He is also busy doing session appearances, film music and remixes for various other bands. The music style of Chaos Research is unique combination of neo-classical, (dark) ambient, ethno and electronic music.

CHANGES - Psychonautika 12" picLP 2017 (The picture LP comes in gatefold sleeve with 12" booklet and 3-D glasses) USA (29,-)

CHEERLEADER69 - Godriders in the sky LP 2006
(A side-project from vx69, the frontman & singer of the french industrial techno punk machine Punish Yourself, the ambiances of Coil in their Horse Rotorvator era, and the symphnic lyricism proper to the martial/neoclassing scene. vx69 proposes an excellent record, very personnal & iconoclastic. Yellow LP limited to 357 copies! Steelwork Machine release) FRA (15,-)

CHICALOYOH - Porte dévergondée LP+book 2016 (Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Ethereal, Ambient, Come with a 36 pages booklet entitled 'My Nails, the Sea and the Human Pyramid". 500 copies pressed) FRA (15,-)

CHICALOYOH - La boue ralentit le cercle LP 2017 (Experimental, Avantgarde, Creating music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation, Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizons) FRA (15,-)

CLIMAX DENIAL - All my loves are like Dreams 2010 (PE/Noise/experimental, ambient, for fans of Prurient, Sutcliffe Jügend. Lim. to 300 copies) USA (10,-)

CLOAMA - Mountains Of Paranoia 2012 (New full length album from Finnish Industrial/PE expert Cloama. 8 songs of linear sonic devotion) FIN (10,-)

COIL - Backwards 2 x LP 2015 (Double LP in gatefold sleeve) UK (25,-)

COIL - Backwards 2015 digiCD (essential album from this industrial pioneers all started in 1992, and after 23 years finally available, "The lost album and the essential bridge between "Love's Secret Domain" and the "Musick To Play In The Dark" series, masterpiece!) UK (12,-) 

COIL / NINE INCH NAILS - Recoiled 2014 (long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix, ”Recoiled” includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track ‘Closer’, which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie “SE7EN“) UK/USA (12,-)

COLD FUSION - Occupatria DIGI CD 2005 (beautiful symphonic Martial industrial, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse) POL (12,-)

CON-DOM - How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die boxset 2 x 12" LP 2016 (Boxset containing two LPs (one double-sided, one single-sided with an etching on the other side) and a 12"x12" booklet. Limited to 500 copies) UK (45,-)

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM & C-drik - Journeys Into Space And Time 2008 CD (excellent release from Hiroshi Hashimoto, special pack CD) JAP/FRA (10,-)

COOLOOLA MONSTER - Canciones del Diablo 2010 CD-R (Mask of the Slave Records) SPA (5,-)

COSTIN CHIOREANU - The Quest For A Morning Star A5 digi CD 2016 (Limited to 300 copies, this A5-sized digipack features 8 beautiful art works by Costin Chioreanu on a 7 pages booklet. With Attila Csihar, David Tibet) ROM (15,-)

CRACKSTEEL - BLOOD PURGE CD-R 2008 (re-release of the masterpiece of Japanese harsh noise released from Workturm Ghetto in 1996!!!) JAP (7,-)

CRACKSTEEL - LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL - CHRONICLE VOLUME 2 CD-R 2008 (Japanese legendary Harsh Noise rare and unreleased tracks!) JAP (7,-)

CROSSBRED - Twin With Blue Blood 2007 CD-R (Woman electronic noise from Japan, dark and flowing droney music, Apocalyptic Radio, lim. to 100) JAP (10,-)

CYPERKID - These Were Our Days 10" LP 2013 (Limited to 200 copies. Rhythmic Noise, Abstract electronics) GER (8,-)

DAPNOM - Paralipomènes à la Divine Comédie 2011 Digipack CD (Dark Ambient, Noise, Experimental, electronic, 4 panel digi) FRA (12,-)

DAPNOM / KENJI SIRATORI - Nhir-otkiv Yima'k split CD 2008 (Ritual Dark Ambient, France. Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics, Japan. Sabbathid Records Japan) FRA/JAP (12,-)

DASEIN vs NORMA REAKTSII - 93 CD 2011 (Power Electronics / Death Industrial, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) RUS (10,-)

DEAD BODY COLLECTION - Laryngeal Carcinoma 2 x CD-R 2002 (lim. 44 copies in DVD Case, noise, power electronics, running time over 150 minutes) SER (12,-)  

DEI NOSTRI - Introvert digi CD-R 2010 (Death Industrial/Power Electronics opus, violent and intense - heavy frequency oscillations, feedback squelch, extreme (!) vocal outbursts, and grimey, distorted electronic filth. Pro CDR in Digipack. 200 copies limited edition) SWE (8,-)

DER BLUTHARSCH and the infinite church of the leading hand - What Makes You Pray 12" LP 2017 (Vinyl, LP, Album, Red) AT (23,-)

DEUTERROR - Le Gueule de Guerre digi CD 2007 (Getting beyond the limits of a minimalist dark ambient or the violence of an extravagant noise) BEL (12,-)

DIAGNOSE: LEBENSGEFAHR (EX. SILENCER) - Transformalin 2005/2012 (dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them) SWE (12,-)

DISSECTING TABLE / VASILISK - Saddharma / Tibetan Liberation 2011 (Dark Ambient, Tribal, Noise, Experimental, Limited edition of 500 copies. Released in a DVD slimcase) JAP (12,-)

DOGSHIT - Dogshit 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) SWE (5,-)

DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE - The Music of Belief 2010 (Abstract/Experimental/Ambient, Music made to awake the listener's inner-seeing or God-vision) BEL (10,-)

DOVE YELLOW SWANS - Live During War Crimes #3 digiCD 2009 (4 unedited live sets from the bands last year in existence, drone/noise/electronic) USA (12,-)

DR GEO - The Lo-Fi Studies LP 2015 (Ambient, Downtempo, Dub, Ethereal, Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Trip Hop) FRA (16,-)

DUNKELHEIT - Temps Modernes digi CD-R 2010 (From industrial noise to concrete cut-ups and cold ambient soundscapes. projekt active since 1993) FRA (7,-) 

DUSTBREEDERS - The Missing Bar LP 2016 (Avantgarde, Noise, No Wave with disturbing, brain fucking vocals!) FRA (15,-)

EGO DEATH - Ambush Setup In The Park Among The Trees tape 2015 (C40 in soiled leather sleeve limited to 20 copies. noise, electronics) GRE (6,-)

ENSYNC - ensync LP 2016 (the reunion of Bstn Chmpns's drumming (DAiKiRi, Gouffre,) and Riccardo Gamondi's sound knowledge (Uochi Toki, La Morte). When rounded drums meets deep live feedback and sub frequencies. « synesthetic Alchemy » serie, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) FRA (15,-)

EONIC - Shadows CD 2006 (Downtempo Ambient/experimental/noise) RUS (10,-)

ERIC LUNDE - Death To Eric Lunde CD-R 2011 (lim. 66 copies only, 3-D Cover with pair of glasses! Noise & Power Electronics) USA (10,-)

ERRARE HUMANUM EST / DISSECTING TABLE - Howling Silence + AZOIKUM / GOVERNMENT ALPHA - Methadonprogramm 2 X CD 2011 (2 split albums in double slim DVD case and new cover, great noise, PE collaboration releases) GER/JAP (15,-)

EVAN PARKER / JOHN WIESE - C-Section digipack 2009 (Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume, real experimental sound!) UK (12,-)

F.M.S. 41 - ... past ... 2009 (Industrial war marches. Ogneslav's projects ( N. Novgorod). Very original recording at nowaday's scene) RUS (10,-)

FECALOVE - Great Northern War 2015 (Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial) ITA (10,-)

FIEBERFLUG - Schande tape 2014 (Edition of 27 in ziploc bag) GER (5,-)

FIRE IN THE HEAD - Carrion Wind 2009 (Noise, Power Electronics. metal percussion, dark ambient, drone, doom and industrial electronics.) USA (10,-)

FLUTWACHT - Breath CD 2008 (12 EURO) Mask of the Slave Records

FLUTWACHT - 30 monkeys 2007 CD (CD come in selfmade A5 cardboard sleeve, lim. to 300 copies) GER (12,-)

FLUTWACHT gegen EGO DEATH - Stahl Gegen Stein 2012 split tape (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) GER (5,-)

FLUTWACHT - Closecuts [live] 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) GER (5,-)   

Flutwacht/The Sounds Of Earth - "Poltergeist" Split CD (12 EURO) CD in jewelcase, limited to 300 copies.

Flutwacht/TZII - "Dead Flesh And Living Scar" Split CD-R (8 EURO) TZII is a French producer/DJ/realisator living in Paris. He's exploring all the forms of the industrial culture on his own label launched in 2001 Night On Earth. Flutwacht has need no introduction.

FLUTWACHT + N.STRAHL.N - Flut CD+CD-R 2011 (Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies. Industrial, Experimental, Electronic) GER (12,-)    

FLUTWACHT - Puls digifile CD 2017 (Brand new album available on elegant digi-file CD, limited to 300 copies only! Mask of the Slave release) GER (11,-)

FLUTWACHT - 13 Jahre Krach Und Stahl  7" Ep 2017 (Limited to 150 copies. Rosty steel work cover!) GER (9,-)

FLUTWACHT - Mutant 7" Ep 2015 (Limited to 300 copies) GER (6,-)

FLUTWACHT - Fiebertentakel 7" Ep 2007 (Limited edition of 300 copies, with real photo glued on the front of the cover) GER (6,-)

FLUTWACHT / MUCKRACKERS – Kein Schrott - Nur Rest  12" LP 2015 (Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Limited Edition, Cutted Metal Cover, Limited to 150 copies) GER (15,-)

FLUTWACHT - Komareise 2009 (2nd edition, limited CD release) GER (10,-)

FLUTWACHT - Herbstrost 2008 (Limited to 200 copies.) GER (10,-)

FLUTWACHT / GYAKUSATSU - Spalttonband #11 2017 (C40 ltd. 25, hand-numbered pro-cassette) GER/SPA (6,-)  

FLUTWACHT – Alles Verloren 2016 (C50 cassette (incl. digital download) limited to 50 copies, A3 poster with cassette) GER (7,-)

FLUTWACHT / NAPALMED - Split CD-R 2014 (Released in white DVD box. Limited edition of 66 copies. Handnumbered on disc.) GER/CZ (7,-)

FOLKSTORM - Victory Or Death 2000/2009 (Remastered unlimited 2nd edition with modified artwork for 2009, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

FOLKSTORM - Sweden 2004/2009 (2nd, unlimited edition with modified artwork for 2009) SWE (10,-)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ - El Dia anterior 2006 3" CD (powerful and consistent world of minimal electroacoustic soundscapes, absolute concrete music) SPA (8,-)

G. LOLLI - Capire Il Mistero 12" LP 2017 (Vinyl, LP, White) FRA (16,-)

GANZER - Puppet Faust CD-R 2009 (Harsh Apocalyptic Noise. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) RUS (5,-)

GELSOMINA - Greenaway CD-R 2006 (most brutal Finn-NOISE, lim. edition of only 200 numbered copies in A5-cover cardboardsleeve w/ orig. photographs) FIN (9,-)

GEN 26 - Irish Made Easy 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) SLO (5,-)

GEN 26 - A Door To... 2007 3" CD-R (Mask of the Slave) SLO (5,-)

GENOCIDE ORGAN - Civilization 2 x CD 2017 (Limited first edition comes as deluxe linenpaper covered, foilblocked and debossed Hard-Slipcase, incl. Coverpak with double CD and extensive large 24p booklet. Only this first edition comes as special Hard-Slipcase Set with the additional Live CD.The CDs come in A5 digipak in hardbook slider. Contains A5 booklet) GER (28,-)

GENOCIDE ORGAN - In - Konflikt CD 2004 (Released in an embossed digipack with booklet) GER (12,-)

GENOCIDE ORGAN – Remember 2 x CD digibook 2007 (10th anniversary reissue with bonus material) GER (16,-)

GENOCIDE ORGAN - (same) digiCD 2012 (Sound material recorded between 1985 and 1990 originally intended to be released in Japan in 1990 as Genocide Organ's second album, and is the missing link between "Leichenlinie" and "Save Our Slaves". Released in a digipak with a 4 page insert) GER (13,-)

GENOCIDE ORGAN – Under - Kontrakt CD 2011 (Released in an embossed digipak with a 4 page insert) GER (12,-)

GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - Sacred Place DIGI 2008 (A collection of material from numerous compilations, split releases and never before published tracks) POL (10,-)

GOATVARGR - Black Snow Epoch 2010 (Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, what else?) SWE (10,-)

GOUFFRE - Incubus / Succubus LP 2016 (On a minimalistic basis of drums, GOUFFRE invites cello, bass-guitar and subtle arrangements to develop codeinic atmospheres on this third LP of the « synesthetic Alchemy » serie, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) FRA (15,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI - Sentinelle del Mattino 2007 (excellent Dark ambient/Industrial/Darkfolk/Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI & THIERRY JOLIF - Kantalon 2009 (World, Acoustic, Folk, Experimental, Neofolk, Compositions and popular songs of Brittany!) ITA (10,-)

GREAT AMERICAN DESERT/DREAR - Solipsis/Warring Against The Sun 2006 CD (Desolate, Luciferian, God-Crushing Blackened Doom Metal. Born in the Osage Plains at the foot of the Eastern Hills; transplanted into the grey, rain-drenched landscape of the Northwest... Great American Desert is the essence of desolation, the sonic representation of Lucifer on Earth, and the emanation of the Demonic philosophy of its mastermind. A vehicle for hatred, disgust and majestic mindscape. On "Warring Against the Sun", Drear play raw blackened Doom, snatching glimpses at the futility of Man and the failure of the universe.) USA (10,-)

GRUNT / MONTAGE - Ultimatum / Destruction 2005 (legendary PE Grunt meets with japanese PE, special stuff from both side, in special CD box) FIN/JAP (10,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching 1998/2011 (Originally released as C-60 tape 1998 by Force Majeure, prime Power Electronics/noise by Mikko Aspa. Housed in a black vinyl CD case with cover and insert, limlited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GRUNT - Europe After Storm 1998/2011 (Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish Industrial scene, Limited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with pictures of video surveillance on the chest, text about the same subject mater on the center back. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with picture of a video camera on the chest left, text on the center back : GRUNT - SOUND OF DISSENT : ACCEPT THE CONTROL FROM YOUR POTENTIAL ENEMY, TRUST IN THE GOOD WILL OF THOSE IN CHARGE. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

GRUNT - Castrate The Illusionist 12" LP 2018 (LP version comes in full color sleeve with 12”x12” insert) FIN (19,-)

GRUNT - Sacrosanct Imperium 12" LP 2018 (Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Limited Edition) FIN (15,-)

GRUNT - Myth Of Blood 12" LP 2015 FIN (19,-)

GYAKUSATSU - "Mechanisms and Sadism" 2011 tape (Mask of the Slave) SPA (5,-)

GULAGGH - Vorkuta Digipack 2013 (Digipack with silver ink on black, Stalaggh changed their name to Gulaggh) NED (12,-)

H.E.R.R. / DER ARBEITER / STORM OF CAPRICORN / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - Hopes Die In Winter 2005 (Electronic, Modern Classical, Industrial, Ambient) (12,-)

HAARE - Death Happening 7" Ep 2011 (Incredible Expert Pyschedelic Harsh Noise from the Finnish giant! Colour Covers. Black Vinyl. 200 copies) FIN (6,-)

HAL HUTCHINSON - "Male Captive" 2010 CD-R (5 EURO)  (Mask of the Slave release)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Amplifications 2010 3" CD-R (noise, PE from London) UK (5,-) 

HAL HUTCHINSON - Wreckage Installations & Metalworks 2014 (Comes in a plastic DVD-size library case with full sleeve art, a booklet with liner notes from Hal Hutchinson, and a set of six black and white photography prints. Edition of 400 hand-numbered copies. Noise & PE) UK (13,-)

HARAPPIAN NIGHT RECORDINGS / KOMMISSAR HJULER - Karawane/6 Reviews In Psychopathic Alchemy Split LP 2010 (Musique Concrete, Lo-Fi, Avantgarde, Abstract, Experimental, noise, electronica. 300 copies on critus vinyl) GER (13,-)

HATI - Die Mechanik, Die! digi CD 2008 (Trance dark electroacoustic sounds with excellent electronic machines! Beast of Prey release) POL (10,-)

HATSUNE KAIDAN - Noisy Killer LP 2016 (Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune, cold wave, j-pop noise post-punk) JAP (16,-)

HEAVY WINGED - Spreading Center digiCD 2009 (Driving and powerful proto-psych-metal, Noise, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, special pack) USA (12,-)

HENRIK NORDVARGR BJÖRKK / MARGAUX RENAUDIN - Anima Nostra 2016 digiCD (Combine the ritual aspects of MZ. 412 and the darkest ambience from Nordvargr, with vocal materials and a rising spiritual awakening) NOR (12,-)

HIJOKAIDAN - Emergency Stairway To Heaven picture LP + CD 2015 (Limited edition of 750 copies) JAP (17,-)

HIKIKOMORI - s/t digi CD-R 2009 (Music for and from the morgue, merging cold electronic soundscapes and eerie drones with various forensic tools) FRA (7,-)

HIKIKOMORI - A Story of Monstrosity digi CD-R 2010 (this time settles on a nightmarish soundtrack of the cult movie 'Freaks' by Tod Browning) FRA (7,-)

HOROLOGIUM - Le Paradis Des Chasseurs 2008 digi (one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient, martial music!) POL (12,-)

HOUR OF THE WOLF / I DREAMT OF HER BEAUTIFUL TENTACLES / DEAD BODY COLLECTION / INDCH LIBERTINE - Split 2 x CD-R 2011 (Harsh Noise Wall. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) INT (10,-)

HUNYADI P. H. - "Recycled sounds & Forbidden songs" 2008 3" CD-R (5 EURO) Mask of the Slave release!

IA-HA-CRAX / NAVA SPATIALA – Split cassette 2018 (Mask of the Slave release, pro black cassette, limited to 60 units, C-40) ROM (6,-)

ICONOCLASM - Statement tape 2009 (japanese power electronics/noise, comes in an alu bag with 6 inserts and 1 pin, limited to 77 copies.) JAP (5,-)

INCAPACITANTS & T.A.D.M. - Stocks & Bonds 1999 CD Incapacitants is one of the most well known of the NOISE bands which started out in the early '80s from Japan, legendary band & essential release, Self Abuse Records) JAP (12,) 

INNER VISION LABORATORY - Anywhere Out of this World digipack 2010 (dark deep ambient / darksounds, surround sound, field recordings) POL (12,-)

INTOLITARIAN – Extermination Campaign Digipak-CD 2017 (intersection between harsh industrial noise and blasting war metal/grindcore by the legendary Antichrist Kramer, live album) USA (12,-)

IRIKARAH - Behind The Scenes CD-R 2011 (lim. to 111 copies, Special papersleeve, the 10th album from this Industrial / Power electronics Act) GER (10,-)

IRM – Closure digiCD 2014 (Industrial, Power Electronics from Sweden) SWE (12,-)

IRRUMATORIUM - Also Sprach My Ass digi CD-R 2009 (Industrial, Noise, Experimental, inspired by the book Fight Club, the Occam's razor principle) FRA (7,-)

JAN MÖRGENSON - Jass, Raag & Blooz LP 2016 (Hand numbered limited edition of 300. country, folk, blues guitar album!) DEN (15,-)

JAN MÖRGENSON - Jass, Raag & Blooz 2016  cassette (Mask of the Slave release) DEN (5,-)

JARBOE - Alchemic 2009 digi (trance-like compositions, an atmospheric rhythm creating tonal voices, great album from the ex-Swans member) USA (12,-)

JARL - Out of Balance Digi-CD 2003 (Side project of Erik Jarl, member of the revered and immensely powerful heavy electronics outfit IRM, dark ambient, noise) USA (12,-)

JAZKAMER - Balls the Size of Texas, Liver the Size of Brazil 2007 (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug, Noise, Experimental, Ambient from the masters!) NOR (12,-)

JUNKO / SACHIKO - Vasilisa the Beautiful 2014 (Experimental, Noise, This is the live recorded duo set of Junko, a distinct vocalist and voice performer from "HIJOKAIDAN", and Sachiko who also utilizes voice to develop her particular sounds) JAP (11,-)

Kadaver - "God has left the building" 2006 CD-R (7 EURO)
Kadaver is a 1man project by Michael Zolotov from Israel. Active since 2003 (yet the first release came out on 2005). The sounds of Kadaver shifts from dark and twisted ambient through industrial till harsh noise and power electronics. This is NOT art nor music. Kadaver is NOT an artist trying to "creatively express himself" via this format. This is a cancer. It's sickness. It's a warm streaming vomit of hatred towards life, humans and existence. It's the knife in your hand when nightmares twist your dreams. It's the emptiness that devours your meaningless being and bleed as tears of decay over it. This is not for anyone... This is Kadaver. Cd-r in DVD case with pro-cover, limited to 150 copies.

KADAVER - This Time... It's Cancer 2007 (Power Electronics, Noise, lim. to 500) ISR (10,-)

KADAVER - Automatic Autopsy 2009 (Power Electronics, Noise, electronic attack, the new album, lim to 500) ISR (10,-)

KADAVER / THE VAULT - The Noir Seasons 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) ISR/CAN (7,-)

KANIBA - THE SERPENT, the Omega and Completion of the First Circle 2006 (experimental sounds, Autumn Wind Prod.) FIN (12,-)

KAWABATA MAKOTO - Tales of the Dream Planet 2009 (leader of the Acid Mothers Temple, guitar Drone, Psychedelic, electronic, glacially meditative) JAP (10,-)

Ke/Hil - Syndrome/Antidrome 12" LP 2017 (LP comes in two covers. Both versions are limited to 250 copies each) GER (19,-)

Ke/Hil - Zone 0 12" LP 2015 ( Limited to 250 numbered copies, white vinyl) GER (18,-)

KEIKO HIGUCHI / CRIS X - Melt 2014 (Free Improvisation, Jazz, electronic, Tape, Field Recordings, Gatefold sleeve) JAP (11,-)

KENJI SIRATORI - Bloody Brain CD-R 2008 (japanese cyberpunk noise stuff, the meaning of the word is noise behind the word) JAP (7,-)

KHOST [Deconstructed And Reconstructed by] GODFLESH - Needles Into The Ground 2016 (contains material by Khost which has been elementally transformed by Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, essential release) UK (10,-)

KHOST [Deconstructed And Reconstructed by] GODFLESH - Needles Into The Ground LP 2016 (Regular edition on black vinyl) UK (16,-)

KHOST - Governance 2017 (Doom Metal, Industrial duo from Birmingham, new album) UK (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Pictures From Eternity 1996/2008 digi (beautiful and cult album from one of the most important and popular electro bands!) ITA (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Erinnerung 1994/2006 (another masterpiece from this great electronic band, with the "classic line up", a must release!) ITA (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Schmerz 1992/2007 (pioneers of the Italian electronic scene! Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written (Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two)!) ITA (12,-) 

KLAUS LEGAL - мечты шизофреника LP 2017 (sounds from light and organizes them into an untypical musical journey, « Synesthetic Alchemy » serie LP, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) MAL (15,-)

KOLDVOID - Touching the Void 2012 tape Ep (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) ROM (5,-)

KOSMISCHE HORROR - untitled 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-) 

KOSMODROM - "Battle in Outer Space" 2016 tape (Mask of the Slave) SRB (5,-) 

KOSMODROM - "Ikarie XB-1" 2017 tape (Mask of the Slave) SRB (5,-)

KOSMODROM - "The Day The Earth Stood Still" 2017 tape (Mask of the Slave) SRB (7,-)

KOSMODROM – "Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers" cassette 2018 (Mask of the Slave, 25 pink & 25 blue cassettes) SRB (7,-)

KREPULEC / OUTOFSIGHT - Furious Friends DIGI 2007 (Re-release including 2 previously unavailable bonus tracks. martial-industrial) POL (10,-)  

KREPULEC - Martial Industrial Power With Parabellum In The Hand DIGI 2008 (compilation CD, the title speaks for itself) POL (10,-)

KREUZER - In Hoc Signo Vinces 2008 (Martial/Industrial/Ambient/Military/Noise) ISR (10,-)

KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI - Kosmogonia 1974/2017 digiCD (Hailed by The Guardian as “Poland’s greatest living composer”, Krzysztof Penderecki is the maestro behind the unforgettable, disturbing music on The Shining (including ‘De Natura Sonoris II’, featured here) POL (12,-)

L.C.B. / SVART1 - Haram Wounds 2013 tape (Mask of the Slave release, limited to 50 copies) ITA (5,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Bestioles digi CD-R 2008 (73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff) FRA (7,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Haikus digi CD-R 2010 (re-release of concept-recording 'Haikus' with extra tracks and a nicer artwork, noise, pe) FRA (7,-)

LA CHASSE - Noir plus noir que le noir LP 2017 (Rock, Punk, Doom Metal, Grunge) FRA (15,-)

LAIBACH - Neu Konservatiw picture LP 2014 (Limited edition of 1000 copies) SLO (16,-)

LASSE MARHAUG - The Quiet North digipack 2010 (Brand new harsh-noise recording from Norway's finest. Guitar, pedals and metal objects used with "Reign In Blood" style efficiency. A must release from the master of noise!) NOR (12,-) 

LAURA WEIXELBAUM - Gebet zu der schwarzen Sonne 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) HUN (7,-)

LE SEUL ELEMENT - Demon LP 2017 (Abstract, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Modern Classical) FRA (15,-)

LES REVERS SANGLANT - Un Combat Perdu D'Avance 2011 (Industrial, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient) FRA (10,-)

LES REVERS SANGLANT - Le Sang 2013 (Industrial, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient, the new album) FRA (10,-)

LETHAL DOSE 50 - 21st Century Awakening 2006 (L.D. 50 is the poison dose injected into the veins of persons sentenced to the death penalty) BEL (10,-) 

MACRONYMPHA / IA-HA-CRAX - Split cassette 2017 (Mask Of The Slave release, C50 pink pro-cassette) USA/ROM (7,-)

MAEROR TRI - Multiple Personality Disorder 1993/2009 (Drone Ambient masterpiece, used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices) GER (12,-) 

MAJUTSU NO NIWA - The Visionaries' Sand Zone 2012 (Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Papersleeve with insert of lyrics in Japanese and English) JAP (11,-)

MAJUTSU NO NIWA - With à qui avec Gabriel 2012 (Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Papersleeve with insert of lyrics in Japanese and English) JAP (11,-)

MAJUTSU NO NIWA - Frontera digiCD 2009 (Psychedelic acid noise Rock) JAP (12,-)

MALACHI / BASTARD NOISE - The Immortals 2009 (doom-laden hardcore meets deep space sonic experimentation and power electronics, special pack) USA (10,-)

MAURI - Breathless 2003 (Rhythmic Noise, electronic in special pack!) FRA (10,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / SIEGMAR FRICKE - Stroma~Konkret 2006 (fusion of industrial noise and musique concrete, this exclusive collaboration unites forces of two legendary musicians, who were witnessed the roots of industrial music movement, lim to 500) ITA/GER (12,-)

MELEK-THA - Perfect World Eradication 2003 (Excellent Evil Ritual Industrial Musick.) FRA (9,-)

MERZBOW - Chant (2) 12" LP 2018 (Sun & Moon Records release, limited to 366 copies) JAP (15,-)

MERZBOW - Life Performance 2016 (best analogue material from the King of Japanese noise. Reissue of an extremely rare cassette from 1985) JAP (10,-)

MERZBOW Vs NORDVARGR - Partikel III 2013 digiCD 2013 (range from total noise barrages, to intelligent electronics, to subtle dark ambient pieces. Essential!) JAP/SWE (12,-)

MERZBOW & Z'EV - Spiral Right / Spiral Left 2010 (stunning collaborative release for Cold Spring from Japanese Noise king Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z’EV. Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve) JAP/UK (12,-)

MERZBOW – Hanakisasage 2016 digiCD (A new album by Merzbow. The name “Hanakisasage” means very rare trees which exist only few in Japan. 2 tracks of noise ambient/rhythm recorded in Tokyo during 2014-2016. A 300-CD edition in a glossy full-colour Digipak) JAP (12,-)

MERZBOW • BALÁZS PÁNDI - Live At FAC251 2016 (The King of Japanese Noise, Merzbow, was joined on stage by Hungarian drummer) JAP/HUN (12,-)

MIEL NOIR - Der Honigflugel 2009 (project of D. Dimov (Svarrogh, Sturmpercht, Allerseelen, Saggitarius), piano, industrial, folk) RUS (10,-)

MINAMATA - Niigata 2007 (Re-release of the 3d tape of this legendary group, originally recorded in 1985, industrial & hardcore electronics) FRA (12,-)

MINAMATA - Cyclator CD+DVD 2009 (full-length audio-CD containing material recorded in 2002-2007 and a DVD offering the complete MINAMATA' performance recorded live on Saturday, April 21st 2007 in Belgium plus the video of this show. power electronics pioneer of the French industrial scene) FRA (16,-)

MIND & FLESH - Martyr Generation digi CD 2012 (a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals) NOR (10,-)

MIXTURIZER - "Senile Dementia" 2009 CD-R (7 EURO) Mask of the Slave release!

MIXTURIZER - Stereotypes 2008 B-card CD-R (4 tracks of a new release on b-card format of this Noise project from Spain. This release come in hand-made packaging with 3 inserts. Limited edition to 25 copies.) SPA (5,-)

MOLESTER - OBJECT LIBIDO CD-R 2008 (Songs about child abuse & molestation, Japanese harsh noise & power electronics) JAP (7,-)

MONTAGE / RULLA - Gray Comedy / Messin 2005 (Japanese/Finnish PE/Noise its best, composed by Koji Takagi & Tommi Keranen in special CD box) JAP/FIN (10,-)

MZ. 412 - Infernal Affairs 2006/2011 digiCD (bombastic Industrial magnum opus, reissued with two extra tracks) SWE (12,-)

MZ. 412 - Domine Rex Inferum 2001/2011 digiCD (Reissue of MZ. 412s 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks) SWE (12,-)

MZ. 412 - Hekatomb digiCD 2015 (Hekatomb is the manifestation of MZ. 412’s monumental performance @ Cold Spring’s 21st Anniversary at The Garage, London, March 2011, satanic, blackened ritual from the creators of Black Industrial) SWE (12,-)

N.STRAHL.N - Nachstücke 2009 (Industrial, Musique Concrete, Experimental, Ambient, lim to 300) GER (10,-)

NADJA - Desire In Uneasiness CD GATEFOLD 2008 (Dark Ambient, Doom Metal, Avantgarde, Released in a sturdy gatefold jacket similar to old age double-LP gatefolds) CAN (10,-)

NAPALMED - Up to the ears in Tinnitus 2006 (oversized 3-panel sleeve with a plastic screw, best known noise/industrial projekt from CZ) CZ (12,-)

NARKOLEPTIK - "So Sweet, So Perverse" 2008 CD-R (7 EURO) Mask of the Slave release!

NARKOLEPTIK - Unconsoled cassette 2017 (Black C20 pro-cassette limited to only 50 units!) ROM (7,-)

NECRONOMIDOL – Nemesis LP 2016 (Japanese insane Black Metal, Avantgarde, Darkwave, J-pop, Experimental) JAP (15,-)

NEKRONOIZ / KENJI SIRATORI - Sacrifice Creature 2014 CD Digipack (Dark Ambient, Ambient, Experimental, electronic) FRA/JAP (10,-)

NEON RAIN - We Are Meat / The Vultures Double digipack CD 2008 (Between drone and power electronics, through synth-pop to post-industrial martial anthems, great release, recommended!) FRA (15,-)

Niko Skorpio - "Escape From Heaven" 2006 CD (12 EURO)
"Escape from Heaven is the fruit of a lengthy period of hard work, the music has been composed in 2000-2005. The musick could be described as 'industrial', mostly because it pays homage to the early Industrial groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil or Psychic TV by being a wide-ranged beast of experimentation as well as fusion of diverse styles."

NO - Moongoon CD-R 2006 (Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies, experimental/industrial, the most obscure & extreme in its musical expression) GER (10,-)

NO DRUM NO MOOG - Documents Synthétiques LP 2014 (french prog and german krautrock alongside some pop and noise sensibilities) FRA (15,-)

NORDVARGR – The Secret Barbarous Names digiCD 2017 (Extended CD-version of 5-track digital EP, the master of power electronics, industrial) SWE (12,-)

NYODENE D - Every Knee Shall Bow 2011 (death industrial / dark ambient / power electronics. Limited to 300.) USA (10,-)  

Objekt4 vs Kenji Siratori - "Mind Corpse" 2007 3" CD-R (5 EURO) Mask of the Slave release, for more infos visit Noise Injury section!

OBJEKT4 - Shades of Night 2007 (Industrial Death Ambient, Sabbathid Records Japan) SWE (10,-)

OBJEKT/URIAN - Tonfragmente II 2004 (old-school industrial & Power-electronics at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful) GER (12,-)

OVERHANG PARTY - Complete Studio Recordings 4XCD 2013 (legendary Japanese psychedelic rock band from 1991 to 2008, members now playing in MAJUTSU NO NIWA) JAP (20,-)

PAIN JERK & COURTIS - Pachinko Blast Anarchy digiCD 2013 (4 tracks of expert sonic destruction, artwork by Y. Yoshida of Government Alpha) JAP (12,-)  

PARANOIA INDUCTA - Evil Angel digipack 2010 (dark ambient / dark & death industrial masterpiece) POL (12,-)

PARANOIA INDUCTA / KENJI SIRATORI - Black Paper 2007 (dark ambient/dark industrial, special package, Beast of Prey release) POL/JAP (10,-)

Persona - "Llibertat" 2006 3"CD-R (5 EURO) Great new band from Barcelona, highly recommended for fans of death industrial, dark ambient, martial and noise. 5 exclusive new tracks for this 3" release. First album "Selbstmord" out on Nervous Nurse Records from Germany. Limited to 100 copies.

PERSONA - Ruines 2009 digipack (Brass & Military, Classical, Electronic, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Noise, Neofolk) SPA (12,-)

PHRAGMENTS - The Burning World 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Neofolk/Majestic orchestrations, industrial machinery and noisy outbursts) SLO (10,-)

PILOT TO GUNNER - Get Saved LP 2014 (white vinyl 300 copies, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, post-punk psyche, pop cold wave) USA (16,-) 

PIRKAN – "Pirkan" cassette 2018 (Mask of the Slave release, new band with ex- Scivias members) HUN (7,-)

PPF / ICK - Collectivistes / Individualistes LP 2005 (The collaboration between the two reknowned french acts naturally lead to these sensational recordings of raw industrial tracks, in the old-school tradition of early SPK and Throbbing Gristle amongst others. This 12" LP (red vinyle) comes with an insert and is limited to 500 copies. Steelwork Machine release) FRA (15,-)

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION - Turm Schweigen 2010 (Harsh Noise and Power Electronics, music from the decaying and dying cities, limited to 200!) USA (10,-) 

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION + NAVA SPATIALA = Grid 2016 tape (Mask of the Slave release, limited to 60 copies!) USA/ROM (5,-)

PRURIENT - The Baron's Chamber 2005 (sick Industrial / Power Noise/PE by Dominick Fernow (Ash Pool, Cold Cave, Vegas Martyrs, Hospital Prod., etc!) USA (12,-)

PRURIENT - The Black Post Society 2008 (sick Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected US act!) USA (12,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Live At Thee Marquee 2013 (PSYCHIC TV’s complete, unheard show, recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light 2013 (PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up – a unique show, recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Hacienda 2013 (PSYCHIC TV, 5th November 1984, Manchester. This was PSYCHIC TV’s first show at NEW ORDER / FACTORY’s legendary HACIENDA club!) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Ov Power 2012 (Live at Klecks Theatre, Hamburg, 16th September 1984. Originally issued as a vinyl bootleg in 1985 in an edition of 500 copies. Completely remastered and expanded. Psychic TV at their most Industrial.) UK (11,-)

P.FX68 - Fiction Alternative 2003 (Noise, Electro, Breakcore, Experimental, Industrial) FRA (10,-)

P.Miles Bryson - "Weight of the World, A Long Day's Tango" CD 2002 (10 EURO) It processes a source of field recording,various sound snippets from tango and orchestral pieces, and creates delicate electronic music beautifully, from usa ltd 500.

RACCOO-OO-OON - Raccoo-oo-oon digiCD 2008 (reeks of desperation and a feeling of going down with nothing to loose at all, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, the last album) USA (12,-)

RAMLEH - Valediction 2009 (the first all new Ramleh album since 1997, and the first new power electronics recordings from the project for 25 years) UK (12,-)

RAYMONDE HOWARD - Le Lit (Bande Originale Du Film) LP 2013 (350 copies, black wax, one-sided, indie pop rock masterpiece with catchy melodies) FRA (15,-)

RAYMONDE HOWARD - S.W.E.A.T. LP 2017 (Single Sided, Etched, One-sided Laser-etched, Indie Pop, Indie Rock) FRA (15,-)

REBECCA DRY & THE RADEK AZUL BAND - Bring Back Soul LP 2017 (Rock, Funk / Soul with amazing female vocals!) FRA (15,-)

REFUSE TO DIE - Collection Of Agnostic Flies 2008 (Neo cabaret/Industrial/Avant-garde, Industrial, Experimental) ISR (10,-)

Reptiljan - "The Hellbender Suite" 2005 CD (10 EURO) "Reptiljan is an explosive collision of digital grindcore, harsh noise, breakcore and other things loud and abrasive! Chance meeting on a cut-up table of blastbeats and demented electro-noise. This is a furious blast of full frontal insanity!!"

RICHARD RAMIREZ - Start Again 2008 USA (10,-)

RLW & TITO - Mahlzeit 2008 (A hilarious collaboration of P16.D4-founder and Selektion-Labelmanager Ralf Wehowsky (RLW) with German-Dutch collective Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra, experimental, industrial) GER (12,-)

RXAXPXE - Of my own free will 2012 (Occult Power Electronics, Industrial, Noise for His glory! Edition of 300.) GER (10,-)

RUKKANOR - Deora 2007 (live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face One 2007 (19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in industrial rhythms with melancholic recitations and singing) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face Two 2008 (industrial, EBM, synth-pop. 2nd part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry) POL (12,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Accident Worship CD-R 2014 (musique concrete, experimental electronics, drone, ambient, and noise) FIN (7,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Barbed wire boogie tape 2015 (C-40 tape in blue shell. Limited edition of 50 copies) FIN (6,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Atonality Appreciation Society tape 2015 (C-30. Limited edition of 25 copies (+ 1 test tape) FIN (6,-)

SEEKER - Invocation of The Sleeper 2007 an exclusive ritual to self discipline, mental focus and channeling of energies) LEB (12,-)

SEKTOR X - Rzeczywistosct CD-R 2009 (Power Electronics / Noise Dark Ambient. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) POL (5,-)

SERVICE SPECIAL - Nord digi CD-R 2009 (rhythmic, darkly melodic synth, minimal electronics with haunting female & male vocals. K-branding projekt) FRA (7,-)

Shadow Theater - "Ein Splitter Glas" 7" Ep (5 EURO)
Two brilliant new tracks of rhythmic power noise and heavy electronics. "After a couple of CDR releases, the first 7" by Apocalyptic Radio, by the band ST, which stands for Shadow Theater, and which, perhaps is a collaboration between Fluchtwacht and Psychohead. Side A is definitely the most noisy one of the two, with loud, piercing and dense walls of noise, feedback, distortion and a screaming voice of agony. Side B starts out in a more rhythmic fashion, but here too vocals kick in that that are distorted through a bunch of sound effects, thus coming to a likewise densely layered vocal piece along the lines of Ramleh, but here with a minimalist banging rhythm in a likewise good ol' industrial vein." Limited to 500 copies.

SHEPHERDS - Loco Hills digiCD 2007 (the sound of a rolling southwestern road trip, Swirling strings, tape manipulations, fire and bone) USA (12,-)

SHIBALBA – Samsara digiCD 2015 (Dark Ambient, Experimental, electronic, 3-panel digipak, Acherontas side-project) GRE (12,-)  

SHIFT - Altamont Rising 2014 (brutal amalgamation of malicious vocals, drenched in heavy, claustrophobic death industrial and harsh noise) SWE (10,-)

SHIFT - Abandon 2017 (Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on “Abandon”, Power Electronics) SWE (12,-)

SISSY SPACEK - Sepsis digipack 2010 (featuring the cream of LA: John Wiese, Mitchell Brown, Joey Karam (The Locust), Peter Kolovos, Rick Potts (LAFMS), Damion Romero, Corydon Ronnau and Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-Up). One of the most streamlined and original Sissy Spacek recordings!) USA (12,-)  

SCOTT MILLER / LEE CAMFIELD / MERZBOW - No Closure 2013 (Mixing elements of psychedelia, black metal, doom and industrial music, the three musicians created a spellbinding work of experimental art. A 44 minute long masterpiece of epic mind warping experimental composition.) USA/JAP (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - Pure Imperial Reform 2008 (Abstract, Drone, Noise. Recorded live on an Antwerpen radio station) UK (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER / UTARM - Split 2013 (deeply influential early UK pioneers of both noise rock and noise music in general meet relative newcomer, Norway's Utarm, for 5 pieces of extreme, beautiful, dark and wandering-in-the-woods noise. Highly recommended) UK/NOR (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - Tribulation 2006 (Lo-Fi, Noise, Avantgarde, Experimental legend, full length album) UK (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses 2011 (The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever! Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive Power Electronics) UK (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - The Spirals Of Great Harm 2XCD 2017 (The new sprawling double disc from black noise classicists Skullflower – referencing Inferno 17, Dante and Virgil’s spiralling descent into the abyss on demon Geryon. Full of harsh beauty and hymns for lost Albions, battle songs against the homogenisation of modern ‘lyfe’ – fuck the new estate!) UK (16,-)

SKULLWALL - Satanic Noise Wall cassette 2017 (Mask of the Slave Records, lim. to 50) GER (5,-)

SKULLWALL - Hail Satan CD-R 2017 (cd-r with black surface, digi-file sleeve, limited to 50 copies) GER (8,-)

SOGLIA DEL DOLORE - 2984 2008 (one of the most influential Italian punk bands of the '80s! the 1st full length album) ITA (10,-)

SSRI - Rebis 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-) 

SSRI - Robust cassette 2015 (Edition of 100, projekt of Pekka PT from Gelsomina, Sick Seed) FIN (5,-)

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – The Empirics Guild 2013 digiCD (Noise, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient) USA (12,-)

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – Atrocitizer 2008 digiCD (Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Packaged in a six-panel digipak) USA (12,-)

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – Calm Morbidity 2016 A5 digiCD (Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Noise, new album) USA (12,-)

Storm Of Capricorn / Paranoia Inducta - "Jama" CD 2006 (10 EURO) "JAMA" poem written by croatian poet, member of resistance and revolutionist Ivan Goran Kovacic who was murdered in 1943 by opportunists and upset readers of his poems full of shocking scenes of croatian perpetrations. "Jama": is a story and cd devoted to tragedy of balkan world. Dark history enriched by beauty of balkan folklore. French project STORM OF CAPRICORN presents dark martial ambient and polish project PARANOIA INDUCTA shows music full of folklore. CD issued very originally in A5 format, folding cover with two additional postcards and photography. 45 minutes of music issued on CD, all in atypical graphic style!

STORMFÅGEL - Arla Gryning digiCD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release) SWE (12,-)

STORMFAGEL - Dödsvals digiCD 2012 (the 4th album, Neofolk, Modern Classical, Darkwave) SWE (12,-)

STREICHER – Annihilism 2015 digiCD (Streicher is one of the Industrial underground legends, Old Captain’s 2015 special 20th Anniversary re-issue edition of 200 copies in 4 panel matte Digipak) AUS (12,-)

STROM.EC – Divine Legions Beyond Psyche 2008 A5 digiCD (Industrial, Power Electronics, Comes in an 8-panel A5 DVD-Digipak. MASTERPIECE!) FIN (12,-)

Sudden Infant - " Ear Wash" CD (12 EURO)
Ultra sonic, Scatter it, Scatter it!!!!!!! really noisy!!!!!!! wonderful composition and a humor sense. Swiss aktionist noise work. Joke Lanz - turntables, noise toys & voice, Franz Lieberherr - trombone & yodeling, Christian Weber - bass & substructural noises.

SUN RA | MERZBOW - Strange City digiCD 2016 (Strange City a Merzbow victory, but it couldn’t have happened without Sun Ra on his team) JAP (12,-)

SUN RA | MERZBOW - Strange City LP 2016 (Cold Spring release, different stuff than the CD!) JAP (16,-)

SURUNI - Ikuus Digi CD 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) FIN (12,-)

SURUNI - Antropomorfism CD-R 2012 (fantastic lo-fi black metal, experimental, atmospheric, psychedelic instrumental music) FIN (7,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Pigdaddy 2008 (this SJ's most original album yet, contains some of the most fucked up, histrionic vocals ever recorded!) UK (12,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Blue Rabbit DIGIPACK 2012 (Dark Ambient, Abstract, Spoken Word, Experimental) UK (12,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - With Extreme Prejudice digiCD 2011 (“With Extreme Prejudice” finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game, essential!) UK (12,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Offal 2016 (Post Industrial pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend take everything to a new level with the beautifully packaged album) UK (12,-)

SVART1 - Der Schnitter 2011 tape (Dark Ambient, Ritual, Experimental, Noise, PE, tape lim. to 60 copies, Mask of the Slave release) ITA (5,-) 

SVART1 - Ardat Lili 2014 (The 2nd chapter of "Satanische Helden". A combat music, an arab power electronics with special collaborations; Uncodified, LCB, TSIDMZ and Claudio PRC. Professional pressed CD in slim case, limited to 300 copies! Mask of the Slave release) ITA (10,-)

SVART1 - Belet Ili 2016 (Mask of the Slave release) ITA (10,-)

SVART1 - Ich verachte den Tod Ich lache mich zu Tode 2017 (pro black cassette, hand-numbered with golden ink, limited to 50 units. Mask of the Slave release) ITA (7,-)

TBC / DAS SYNtHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE  - Split CD 2010 (Soundscapes, Field Recordings, Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Drones, Dark Ambient, 2 legendary artist/groups from the German industrial scene activ from the 80's!) GER (10,-)   

TEMPESTA NOIRE - 66.33' North digiCD 2002 (neofolk, ambiental, electronic, Modern Classical, Downtempo from Germany since 1991, the 3rd album) GER (10,-) 

TEMPLE OF TIERMES - Delirium Sadomaso 2013 tape (Mask of the Slave release) FIN (6,-)

(Harsh Noise and Power Electronics versus satanic and anti consume orientated Industrial, lim. to 150) NED/GER (5,-)

TEXT OF LIGHT - Un Pranzo Favoloso / A Fabulous Lunch 2006 (Avantgarde, Experimental, electronic, rock) ITA (10,-)

THE ADELIANS - The Adelians LP 2016 (brown/orange marbled vinyl, a brand of soul that is hot, sexy, fuzzy and catchy as hell, mixing raw soul with a definite 60’s and 70’s flavour with a fantastic female singer) FRA (16,-)

THE BELAM - Fresh Deadly Roses 1994 (Electronic, Rock, New Wave, Goth Rock a must for Death in June, KIRLIAN CAMERA fans) ITA (10,-)

THE HOLY KISS - Shot Love On A Back Line 2006 (Dark and heavily blues tinted rock n roll somewhere between the early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds stuff and Sixteen Horsepower) USA (10,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Go without DIGI CD 2012 (death industrial, noise & power electronics. 500 copies in a deluxe 6 panel digipack) USA (10,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Gone cassette 2016 (Mask of the Slave release. Limited to 60 copies!) USA (5,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST – Only Red 2015 (Digipak. Industrial, Power Electronics) USA (12,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST – An Occasion for Death 2013 (Comes in a six-panel Digipak. Industrial, Power Electronics) USA (12,-)

THEOLOGIAN & STROM.EC – Hubrizine 2014 A5 digisleeveCD (Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Source material by Reinterpreted and re-engineered by Theologian, in celebration of a shared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick) USA/FIN (12,-)

THUNDERWHEEL - Credo 2009 (Surrealistic Industrial Instrumental Romance, Chaos as Shelter, Agnivolok projekt) ISR (10,-)

TINA TORTURE - Stripped, Punishead and Fucked 2009 CD-R (Fresh blood from the Romanian power electronics, noise underground) ROM (7,-)

TOTAL VICTORY – Vs. Big Electric LP 2016 (This compilation gathers tracks from Tour EP (2013) and If You Were EP (2015) as well as two unreleased songs, committed for the first time ever on vinyl. Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Krautrock, hard core, "The Cure playing hardcore") FRA (15,-)

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN - Perfection & Permanence LP 2017 (Second press, red vinyl edition of 500 copies) SWE (16,-)

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN - Deathward, To The Womb LP 2017 (Ltd x 500 copies. 180gm vinyl in matt sleeve with 6mm spine) SWE (16,-)

TWIN PRICKS - This Might Be The Last Time You'll Ever Hear From Us LP 2013 (an indie rock bomb!) FRA (15,-)

XEDH + FLUTWACHT - Masked source tape 2011 (Collaboration C60 limited to 25 copies in plastic-bag, PE/Noise/Industrial/Etc) SPA/GER (5,-)

ULTRA MILKMAIDS - Live USA 02/03 2004 MCD (lim. 300 copies in printed coversleeve, Ambient/Electronica/Experimental, Multi National Disaster Records) FRA (10,-)

UR - "Four calls for locusts" 2008 CD-R (7 EURO) Mask of the Slave release!

UR - Trieb 2008 (Abstract, Drone, Ambient, Edition of 300 copies. Packaged in a foldover cover) ITA (10,-)

URNA - Devours me 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) ITA (5,-) 

UTON - COURTIS - Flokka Kur 2013 (Drone, Experimental, electronic) FIN/ARG (11,-)

VENNT - Vennt 2008 (intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, bleak doom and buzzing misery, lim to 400 copies) USA (10,-)

VON THRONSTAHL / THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL - Pessoa / Cioran DIGICD 2004/2010 (Neoclassic/Ambient/Martial) GER (12,-)

VOWELS - Seasonal Beast digi CD 2014 (Experimental, neofolk, dark-jazz, ambiental masterpiece! Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)


VASILISK - Live Blood digiCD 2014 (Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Tribal legend from Japan, live album) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Acqua digiCD 1989/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 3rd album, remastered) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Mkwaju digiCD 1988/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 2nd album, remastered) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Whirling Derwishes digiCD 1987/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 1st album, remastered) JAP (12,-)

VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie CD/DVD 2009 (Dark Ambient, Side A contains audio tracks; Side B contains DVD tracks. Hybrid, DualDisc, Digipak) GER (12,-)

VINTERRIKET - Zwischen den Jahren MCD 2010 (CD comes in oversized cardboard cover, limited and hand-numbered to 1000 copies. Black Metal) GER (10,-)


V/A - Hate Tasting CD 2010 (MOLESTER, MUTANT APE, BARRIKAD, WEREWOLF JERUSALEM, FECALOVE, FEAR KONSTRUKTOR, CLIMAX DENIAL, MOURMANSK 150, COMFORTER, SPLINTER vs STALIN, Power Electronics / Harsh Noise ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) INT (10,-)


V/A - Compendiu de Muzica Electronica vol.2 CD-R 2009 (KoldVoid, Noverbia, Ekasia, Abbildung, Hunyadi P.H., Narkoleptik, Infectator com, etc) ROM (7,-)


WARMER MILKS - Let Your Friends In 2007 (skate punk and black metal, street rock cum vomitorium, Folk Rock, Noise, Experimental) SWE (10,-)

WESTWIND - Ravage 2xCD Digifile 2009 (Apocalypse is now, and this is the soundtrack to the collapse of civilisation. A must release!) FRA (15,-)

WESTWIND - Eliminate! Exterminate! Eradicate! CD-R 2010 (This evil-twin-release to 'RAVAGE' is a 5 track Maxi, in the same post-apocalyptic vein) FRA (7,-)

WESTWIND - Tourmente I Double LP 2004 (double gatefold cover including black LP and a white LP + insert. Dark military music. Deviating slightly from their usual quirkiness and weird charm here the music is more percussion and organ based with a fine dynamic in rhythm and mood setting.) FRA (20,-)

WET HAIR - Dream digiCD 2009 (4 long tracks of analog synth atmosphere and industrial trance punk, Melodic, dark, warm, cold, catchy confusing) USA (12,-)

WHITE HOSPITAL - Holocaust digiCD 1984/2014 (legendary, radical, Experimental, Industrial, Power Electronics, Tribal duo from Japan, contains the only one album + unreleased tracks and the "We Wish You Are Merry X'mas" 7" Ep too) JAP (12,-)

WOLVSERPENT - Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed 2xCD DIGIPACK 2011 (Drone, Doom Metal, Experimental, 8-panel Digipak) USA (14,-)

ZOS KIA / COIL - Transparent 1984/2017 (legendary album reissue in a 6-panel digipak with booklet containing unseen images) UK (12,-)